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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

One of the reasons I'm now Orthodox

Terry Mattingly blogs on the worship wars over at GetReglion. He quotes from pollster George Barna, who had conducted a poll concerning worship trends. In part, Barna writes:

"What we know about Americans is that we view ourselves first and foremost as consumers," said Barna. "Even when we walk in the doors of our churches what we tend to do is to wonder how can I get a good transaction out of this experience. ... So, what we know from our research is that Americans have made worship something that primarily that we do for ourselves. When is it successful? When we feel good."
This is a big reason why I am now Orthodox. After 30 plus years of trendy music and me driven worship, I was litterally sick to [spiritual] death of worshiping myself every Sunday. When I worship now, it's not a matter of what will I like, but what is pleasing to God and what will heal my soul. Seriously, if I had not found Orthodoxy, I would have had to give up on Christianity altogether.

Don't miss Doug LeBlanc's blog on the same subject. It is illuminating. Honestly, I think the whole worship mess is one big reason Charismatic churches (and probably others) turn their membership over every five years or so.