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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Lord have Mercy!

That is what we Orthodox chant during litanies in response to the prayer of the priest or deacon. That is my response now to the election results. Lord have mercy!

No matter which way the election ended, I believe it would have been indicative of the will of God. I just don't think the leadership of a nation as powerful and pivotal in the world as the United States is left by God to the fickle fate of human opinion. I confess I am far more gratified by this answer than I would have been by the other, but I would have seen it as the hand of God nonetheless.

Does this mean that I think everything Bush will do will be God's will? I'm not saying that, just that for whatever (undoubtedly myriad and inscrutable) reasons, President Bush fits in God's purposes for America at this time and place. It is still up to us to discern that purpose and fit our own selves and salvation into that purpose.

That is why I pray, Lord have mercy...and Glory to God for all things!


Blogger Impossibleape said...

Hello to another refugee from the 'word of faith' heresy

My family has suffred so much from idiocy masquerading as Bible teaching.
I have often thought of escaping entirely but like the discples who did not abandon Christ when he said that we must eat his flesh and drink his blood.
To whom else can we go for He alone has the words of life.
We stay in a Pentecostal Church with my 2 handicapped, unhealed, children and suffer as we try to change the misuse of faith and unveil the glorification of selfishness for what it is, the doctrine of the demons.

Peace is what you want.
I am glad you found it
Pray that I may too, but not until I have fulfilled the call that is upon me. I stand in this swamp which is my current spiritual environs until God leads me out.

December 30, 2005 at 8:52 PM  
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